Server Center

Escuela Naval Militar 118 A, San Francisco Culhuacán de la Magdalena, Coyoacán, ZIP Code 04260, Mexico City, CDMX.
Tel. 55 7575 0670. From Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm with the following requirements:

  • IFE or some other official ID
  • Voucher of purchase (ticket, invoice or policy stamped by the store)
  • Complete equipment


1.- Generate your warranty folio at
2.- Our guarantee area will validate your documents and send you a parcel guide in less than 48 hours from the successful validation.
3.- Once you receive the guide, place the product in the parcel office indicated closest to your location.
4.- Once the guarantee has been validated, a shipment will be made to your home (or the address of your choice) with your equipment.

*Applies to the Mexican territory, excluding Mexico City and its metropolitan area.
In case that the guarantee does not proceed, the user will be responsible for the collection of their equipment.
The parcel will make 3 visits to the address of your choice, in case of not finding someone to receive the product at the address, the user will have 48 hours to collect it at the parcel office closest to their address. In case of not going to pick up the equipment within this period, the product will return to our offices and the charge for the subsequent guides will be the responsibility of the user.