The watt is the consistent derived International System of Units (SI) unit for power. It is equal to 1 joule per second (1J/s). It is used to quantify the rate at which energy is transferred. The number of watts is equal to the amps multiplied by the volts.

Is the unit of measure to know the true value of power. Watt= VA X Power factor.

A substantial increase in voltage that lasts for a fraction of a second, often caused when high-voltage appliances such as air conditioners are turned off.

The most commonly used waveform of alternating current (ac) is that of a sine wave, since a more efficient transmission of energy is achieved. However, in certain applications other periodic waveforms are used, such as the triangle wave or the square wave.

Unit of magnetic slack of the International System, equivalent to the magnetic flux that, when passing through a circuit of a single turn, will produce in it an electromotive force of one volt if said flux is annulled in one second by uniform decrease.